Exploring Cultural Dance – Quadrille

These are some of the Quadrille groups currently running workshops in London:

Jamaican Quadrille

JANUKA (Jamaican Nurses in the UK and their Associates)

An all-female group that regularly performs the Quadrille and runs workshops for adults. Their work centres around preserving Jamaican culture and remembering the history through the practice of the dance.

Meets every Friday at the Trinity United Reform Church Hall, Catford.

Contact: Beverley Bogle


Kon Kon Te Cultural Group

Pat Powell at the Kon Kon Te Cultural Group, uses the Jamaican Quadrille to address social issues and improve the mental and physical health of participants, including children and adults. Originally taught by Desmond Clarke, over the last 20 years, the group has developed new figures. The range of music used is broad and encompasses a number of styles, including gospel music.

Contact: Pat Powell

Tel: 07944 389 071 or email: pattpowell@gmail.com

The Hibiscus Community Centre & Newham African Caribbean Resource Centre (NACRC)

These two centres practice Quadrille Dancing on a regular basis in order to:make a worthwhile contribution to the cultural wealth of the community;assist with the cultivation of a harmonious community; promote physical and psychological relaxation.
Contact:The Hibiscus Community Centre:
Tel: 020 8519 6159
Newham African Caribbean Resource Centre (NACRC):
Tel: 020 7420 4986
St Lucian Quadrille:

The Lucianites Quadrille Group

This Group was formed over 10 years ago not only to keep this aspect of our St Lucian cultural heritage alive but also to bring it to other communities, especially children and young people.
The dances are performed to traditional folk music with the dancers wearing The National Dress, the Madras or the Wob Dwiyet.
The group has performed at festivals at South Bank, Redbridge, Olympia and Earls Court, Respect, and participate in Black History month activities. They have participated in many International festivals.
Although the group is formed mainly of St.Lucians, anyone who wishes to learn and participate is welcome. The Lucianites meet every Tuesday 7-9pm in North London.
Tel: 07838 390 798

The Anse La Raye Folk Dancers

This group was formed in January 2005 out of the desire to keep Saint Lucian national dance alive. Since its first performance at the Troxy Theatre, London, in June 2006, it has performed at many events – charity events, schools, family fun days and Black History Month events.

Performances bring back memories and encourage people, old and young, to find out more and try out the Quadrille.
Quadrille class every second Wednesday at the Kensal Resource Centre, Adair Road, W10 (small fee) All ages and genders are welcome.

You do not have to be Saint Lucian to join but the dancing and all other aspects relate to St Lucia only.

Tel: 07940 107981