What is CACOEU?

CACOEU (Caribbean Communities in Europe) was created in 2000 by a group of academics and community workers to create a community across the growing numbers of people with roots in the Caribbean who are living, working and studying in Europe. The aim is to share and preserve knowledge, culture and tradition for current and future generations. It creates a bridge between the elders and the young people of the community, including those children born in Europe of mixed parentage who may become cut off from their Caribbean culture.

CACOEU develops and maintains links between Goldsmiths, through STaCS (formerly PACE), and the local community, ASCC (Afro-Surinamese Cultural Centre) in the Netherlands and with other Caribbean groups in France, St Maarten etc.

Activities include small scale community-led research, exhibition of findings; workshops; Saturday schools and visits (at members’ expense) to activities in Amsterdam and Paris. These mainly take place at Goldsmiths, in local community centres and in schools (after school projects). There is also a journal ‘CACOEU TALK’ (free to all members).

Membership is open to anyone who shares the aims and objectives of CACOEU.

Over the past few years CACOEU has been funded by the National Heritage Lottery to carry out two major projects: Exploring the Contributions Made by the Peoples of the West Indies to World War One and Exploring Cultural Dance – Quadrille. Click the links below for our findings.